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Wiring and Electrical Panel Box

Wiring and Electrical Panel Box Update Services in Pittsburgh

Is your home or commercial property 25 years or older?

If so, you may need to upgrade your electrical wiring or panel box. Breakers that trip or flickering lights are not only an inconvenience, it may be an indication your circuit panel or electrical wire is outdated. With an increase of power usage, Smart Appliances and overall influx in electronic devices, older residential and commercial properties may not be equipped to handle the additional output.

Old electrical wiring and overloaded panel boxes are one of the nation’s leading causes of house fires. With over 45 years’ experience, trust the Pittsburgh electrician’s at Peters Electric with all your wiring and electrical panel box needs.

Wiring Upgrade Service Pittsburgh

The older the home, the better the chance you’re wiring is outdated. Not to mention, electrical codes change over time and wire insulation may deteriorate. If you’re living in a home where you are experiencing wiring issues, call the licensed Pittsburgh electrician’s at Peters Electric and we will inspect your home or commercial property for any faulty wiring.

Warning Signs of Older Wiring

·         Two-prong, ungrounded outlets

·         Flickering or dimming lights

·         Tingling sensation when you touch an appliance

·         Burning smell from a room or appliance

·         Warm or discolored outlets

·         Sparking outlets

·         No ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets in either your kitchen or bath, or other areas susceptible to moisture.

·         Breakers or circuits that trip regularly

Why Upgrade Faulty Wiring?

·         Prevent fires, injury or death

·         Put a stop to power outages affecting property tenants, leaseholders or other occupants

·         Stop insurers from increasing your premium or refusing to ensure your property

·         Avert lawsuits



Electrical Panel Upgrades Service Pittsburgh

Much like older wiring, your electrical panel needs to keep up with the times. While you wiring may be have been upgraded or installed over the last two decades, your electrical panel or circuit breaker may still need updated. Upgrading your appliances, adding more lighting, incorporating additional TVs or a sound system, or even adding on to your home may require an electrical panel replacement. 

And, while this may seem like a daunting task, let the licensed electricians at Peter


s Electric tackle all your electrical panel upgrade needs!

Why Upgrade My Electrical Panel Box?
Your electrical panel box is what supplies each power circuit with electricity. Each power circuit disburses energy and power to the outlets, lights, and appliances you depend on daily. From your child’s nightlight to the furnace that warms your home, everyone in your home relies on electricity. 

Signs You May Need to Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

·         Your circuit breakers trip frequently

·         Your lights dim when you turn multiple appliances on at once

·         You’re using extension cords to create more outlets

·         Power strips are commonplace in your home

Need a licensed electrician in the Pittsburgh area? Call Peters Electric at 412-854-5800 for all your electrical panel & wiring upgrade services!  

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