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Central Vacuum Services in Pittsburgh

Central vacuums are essential with their ability to remove unwanted dust, dirt, and other debris floating around your home. That's why it is important to install and maintain central vacuum systems to keep them working properly and keep your air keep. Issues such as clogging, weak suction, and improper wiring need the care of a professional. At J.W. Peter's Electric, we offer NuTone parts and accessories that can repair your central vacuum, but we also offer services including: 


Cleaning and Maintenance: Sometimes you just must get the mess out first for proper operation. A dirty system can easily be the hindrance to your system. A cleaning service-call may include replacing the bags, cleaning out the filters, lubricating gears, replacing screws, or whatever it takes to restore your vacuum’s optimal usability. Allow our service technicians to inspect your central vacuum system to trouble shoot what may be causing poor suction or for any other reason causing improper operation.     A good rule of thumb is to have your system inspected every three years.

Installation: Our experienced team installs news systems in houses of all sizes. These systems mount to a wall, allowing you to vacuum throughout your home without worrying about moving a vacuum or the pesky cords. A central vacuum system cleans your home much more efficiently than traditional vacuums. Dust is minimized as an entire home’s dirt is centrally located and not circulating through your home’s air or ventilation system. In the long run, you will save money on parts and accessories and your experience will be much more pleasant.

Repair: Common repairs will include motor replacement, sealing cracks or leaks, replacing cracking hoses or nozzles, putting in new filters, and much more. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure you will not be surprised by any costs. Additionally, integrity is important to us—our purpose is not to sell you a more expensive product. It is more beneficial to us to make you happy and have you as a repeat customer.  Also, we will provide you with an honest assessment as to what is more beneficial—repairing your vacuum or replacing the unit.


Radio Intercom Systems

An in-home intercom system will prove to be one of the best features you can add or upgrade in your home. You will find that the ability to communicate with every member of your family without having to lose your voice is invaluable, especially if you have little ones in the house. Call J.W. Peters to your home for and service needed regarding your intercom system. New installs, replacements, repair or maintenance, we will tend to your every need.


Installation: The newest technologies available, J.W. Peters will mount and wire your entire home in the most professional manner available. For new installs, your system will be crafted and customized to fit all of your unique needs

Replacement: If there is an intercom system in your home, take advantage of existing wiring and upgrade with modern components. No matter what existing wiring configuration is present, we will utilize it and make it work

Repair & Maintenance: If you have an inoperable intercom system throughout your home, call us to evaluate its possible restoration. Further, we will continue to maintain and/or upgrade your system, as needed.

Testing & Inspection: Peters Electric will inspect your system and ensure excellent working condition through periodic inspection


Whether it is your central vacuum system or radio intercom system, give the experts at J.W. Peter's Electric a call at 412-854-5800 and we can help you!


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