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Motor & Control Wiring

Peters Electric knows the electrical wiring in your residential or commercial property should be in the best condition so you get the most out of the electricity that powers your lightening, appliances and heating & cooling units. That’s why you need high-quality electricians for all your Pittsburgh motor & control wiring service needs. At Peters Electric we’ve spent over 40 years providing stellar service to residential and commercial owners in need of electrical installation and repair.

What is Motor & Control Wiring?


Motor & control wiring, circuits, and other devices allows the usage of smaller and more efficient cables, conductors and raceways to reduce the use of power usage and lower amperage in your home. For example, installing a time clock to control the amount of power being exerted during electrical use. Think about an automatic garage door or filtration system for your pool. Both require a constant energy supply, but they can be switched on and off when necessary. Homeowners and commercial property managers alike will require motor & control wiring services at some point. That’s where Peters Electric comes in!

Why Peters Electric?

The electricians at Peters Electric are the experts in all Pittsburgh motor & control wiring, design & build services, wire and panel box installation, and more! We separate ourselves from the rest by providing high-quality services and technicians at a fair price. With Peters Electric, we can accomplish all your home or business’s electrical and wiring needs!

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