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Pittsburgh Central Vacuum Repair Services

Central Vacuum Repair in Pittsburgh

 If you are having trouble with your central vacuum system, Peter’s Electric is the preferred experts in the Pittsburgh area for service, repairs, and upgrades. Our expert technicians will ensure that you get expert repair service by an experienced professional. When it comes to keeping your house clean with a central vacuum system, Peter’s Electric is the sole dealer of NuTone parts and accessories, and we are proud to be partnered with a leader in the central vacuum industry. In addition to repairs, we also offer a variety of NuTone parts and accessories designed to make your job easier!

central vacuum system is an excellent way to simplify your cleaning experience, with a solution to all of the issues associated with traditional vacuum cleaners. In today’s busy society, time is at a premium, and a central vacuum system will help you save time as well as energy and money, while offering numerous benefits that traditional vacuum cleaners just cannot provide.


Why Choose Peter’s Electric For Central Vacuum Repair in Pittsburgh?

We are Pittsburgh’s premier dealer for Nutone service and repair in Pittsburgh, and we offer a number of NuTone central vacuum systems, as well as the related parts and accessories, to suit any need. Our business is founded at honesty and integrity, and we pride ourselves in offering incomparable selection and service. Fully licensed and insured, we are a distinguished leader in the electrical industry, and our trained technicians will ensure that you get the best possible service. When it comes to central vacuum repair in Pittsburgh, you can trust the experts at Peter’s Electric will provide you with the best quality service.

Problems With Your Central Vacuum System?

If you are experiencing any of the following, or just have a sense that your central vacuum system isn’t working right, contact us at Peter’s Electric immediately. We will get to the root of the problem and ensure that your system is fixed properly and is working efficiently. Typical problems include:

  • “Clicking” noise in the central vacuum system
  • Clogged vacuum
  • Problems with the inlet
  • Glitches in the wiring
  • Issues with the hoses or brushes
  • Weak suction

Once we diagnose the problem, we will make the necessary repairs and ensure that your system is working the way it is supposed to prior to leaving.


Central Vacuum Troubleshooting

1.The master vac unit turns on but there is no suction - If the central vacuum master unit turns on but there is no suction, it means that there is either a clog either in the hose or in the piping. There is a “backflushing” method that we use to clear the clog and get your unit working properly again.

2.The master vac unit won’t turn off - This could be a problem with a relay in the master unit. You can turn the unit off by unplugging the master unit from its electrical outlet.

3.The power brush does not seem to be picking up - The belt and/or beater belt assembly in the power brush may need to be replaced.

For everything related to NuTone Central Vacuum Systems, turn to the experts at Peters Electric. We can perform the necessary repairs and get your system working in no time! We can also recommend any parts or accessories to help make your job easier - contact us today!

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