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Pittsburgh Central Vacuum Installation

Pittsburgh Central Vacuum Installation Services

Keeping your home clean involves a number of chores that can not only be a nuisance, but be time-consuming. One chore that is vital to keeping your home clean is to vacuum it regularly. However, this is one chore that can be inconvenient in terms of time as well as tiring. Hauling a bulky upright vacuum cleaner from room to room and onto multiple floors is a must to keep your floor clean. Having a central vacuum system installed can not only make this task easier, but alleviate a lot of the work involved with traditional upright vacuum cleaners. 

A central vacuum system is a built-in device that comes with its own power unit and accessories that turns your entire home into a convenient, easy-to-use vacuum system. Inlets are installed throughout the home, in which a lightweight hose is attached, with a power unit installed in either the basement or the garage. Once the central vacuum system has been installed, the hose can be detached easily and moved from room to room without the need for hauling along a heavy vacuum cleaner.

Using a central vacuum cleaner offers numerous benefits that traditional vacuum cleaners just don’t have. Noise is virtually eliminated, as central vacuum systems operate quietly, with the noise from the power unit masked by your home’s layout. In addition, central vacuum systems operate much cleaner, and facilitate better air quality in the home. The dust that would normally be recirculated back into the home is carried through the system, into a large, efficient filter in the power unit, and can be exhausted outdoors.


At Peters Electric, we provide professional installation services for central vacuum systems.

Central vacuum systems can be installed in new homes, or we can retrofit your existing home to accommodate a central vacuum system. We specialize in NuTone Central Vacuums, and offer the parts and accessories needed online or in our Bethel Park, PA location. If you are looking for a new central vacuum system, we will help you to select the right system that suits your needs, as well as recommend any accessories that will help to make the job easier. Our expert technicians will ensure that your system is installed professionally, and answer any questions you may have about its use and maintenance. If you are looking to have an existing older central vacuum system replaced, we can recommend the best comparable model.

We pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity, and are dedicated to offering only the best service. When it comes to central vacuum system installation, talk to the experts at Peters Electric, and find out how we can ease some of the burden of your cleaning experience!



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