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Low Voltage Wiring & Computer Cabling

Low Voltage Wiring & Computer Cabling Pittsburgh

Low voltage wiring or cabling is also known as structured wiring. Structured wiring is the network foundation that all digital communication and technology relies on. Commercial properties, schools and universities, health systems and businesses have an intricate network of telephones, Wi-Fi, HD video and audio, and complex computer systems each company or corporation depends on. This special network requires a certified electrical contractor to install a separate wiring system from the standard electrical wiring your lights and outlets require. 

Why Install a Low Voltage Wiring Solution?

1.       Wi-Fi capability

2.       Telephones – multi-phone, fiber optics, Ethernet or Wi-Fi applications

3.       Cable – audio and visual

4.       Security and Surveillance systems

Why is a solid computer cable infrastructure important?gettyimages-644162842.jpg

Running any business in a technology-based world relies on speed, efficiency and accuracy. You simply don’t have the time for downtime! When you rely on computers to communicate data back and forth, internally or externally, a poor and inefficient computer network will cost you time and money.

Why invest in low-voltage wiring and computer cabling for your business?

While a business PC requires an electrical outlet for power, it requires a separate network infrastructure for it to communicate to the other systems internally. And, while your computer may be plugged in at your workplace, if you’re not connected to a network, you cannot log-in or gain access to your company’s intranet in order to do business – especially when your company is spread out across multiple offices or facilities. 

At Peters Electric, we know it’s important for a speedy network. We’re here to help tackle any issues you’re experiencing with your network wiring or voice/data infrastructure. You simply cannot afford slow data communication, downed networks and hours of troubleshooting. 

Add, upgrade and make room for more technological advancements by installing a low-voltage wiring and computer cabling solution by calling Pittsburgh’s certified electrical contractors at Peters Electric at 412-854-5800.

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