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Information on NuTone Products

Q: Can I still get an owner’s manual for my system?

A: YES. In most cases, we can order a manual and send it to you.


Q: Where can I purchase filters for my range hood?

A: We stock a large selection of filters for NuTone range hoods. If you know your model number, we can ship the filter to you. Send an email to jevans@peters-electric.com with your model number. We will contact you with a price and availability.


Q: Do I need proof of purchase for warranty repairs?

A: YES. Different NuTone products carry different warranties. If you know your model number, we can tell you which warranty applies. However, for any repair we will need a copy of your receipt.


Q: What do you consider proof purchase?

A: Proof of purchase can be the original receipt, a credit card receipt or if you purchased your home from a builder with the NuTone product already installed, a letter from your builder or a copy of your deed can be used.


What is wrong with your central cleaning system?

Well, a couple things could be wrong with you NuTone central cleaning system including:


Q: Why is the master vac unit turning on but there is no suction.

A: If the unit turns on but there is no suction it either means there is a clog in the hose or a clog in the piping. There is a backflushing method that we  use to clear the clog and get your unit working properly again.


Q: Why won't the master vac unit won’t turn off.

A: We’ve seen some problems in the past with the relay on the master unit. You can turn the unit off by unplugging the master unit from the electrical outlet.


Q: Why doesn't the power brush seem to be picking up.

A: The belt and/or beater bar assembly is the power brush may need to be replaced.


What is wrong with your radio intercom system?

Q: Why did my intercom system stop working?

A: The radio intercom system stopped working after we had a lightning storm. Radio intercom systems may be damaged by a lightning strike or a power surge.


Q: Why isn't my outdoor speaker on my radio intercom system working.

A: Weather conditions can affect the door speakers. After the outdoor speaker has been repaired, applying sealant between the speaker and the mounting may prevent inclement weather from damaging the speaker.


Q: How do I remove the master intercom unit from the wall in order to ship it for service?

A: Many of the units are made so that most of the wires unplug. Refer to your owner’s manual for details or call our service technician for help.


Q: I bought a home warranty that is 3 years old and it has a NuTone intercom. Is the intercom under warranty?

A: NO. The warranty applies to the original homeowner only.


Q: Is there a troubleshooting guide available for radio intercom systems?

A: YES. Please refer to the installation instructions that were packaged with your master station. If you don’t have those instructions, send an email to nutonesales@peters-electric.com and we can send them to you.

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