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What to do When the Power Goes Out

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Power outages are a major inconvenience that can be caused by severe weather, a blown fuse, or an outage across the block. At some point, all homeowners will experience a power outage, so it is important to be prepared.

At Peters Electric, your top choice for an electrician in Pittsburgh, we have put together some tips on how you can best deal with a power outage.

Check Your Circuit Breakers

This is the first step you should take when you experience a power outage. Check that all the breakers are in the “on” position. If a breaker was tripped, it would be moved to the “off” side. If all the breakers are in the “on” position, try turning off your main breaker and then switching it back on. If this seems to be complicated or you are not comfortable attempting this, you can contact the team at Peters Electric for assistance.

Talk to Your Neighbors

If you have checked your circuit breakers and the power is still off, it is likely there was an outage in your neighborhood. Check outside to see if there are houses with no light, and if there are, there was a power outage. You can also knock on a few doors and check with your neighbors to be sure.

If your neighbors have power, there could be an electric line down. If you see the downed line, stay away from it, and call your electric company to have it resolved.

Call Your Power Company

If you go outside and don’t see a line down, but your power is still out, you should reach out to your power company and let them know about the outage. It is likely that they are already aware of the outage, but they may have an update for you. Be sure your cellphone is charged and only use it when necessary to conserve battery power. Unplug Your Major Appliances to Protect Them

Unplug major appliances such as your microwave, as well as your surge protectors that are powering multiple electronics, etc. Do not unplug your refrigerator. By unplugging these items, you can protect them from damage from a power surge when the power comes back on.

Keep Yourself and Your Family Warm

If you lose power during the winter, you will need to make sure you stay warm. Wear layers of clothing as well as a hat and gloves if needed. If the cold is still bothering you, you may consider taking a hot shower since your hot water heater will remain warm for hours after a power outage.

Preserve Your Food Supply

Try to avoid opening your refrigerator and freezer to preserve the cold air. Your refrigerator and freezer will remain cold for a limited time during a power outage, so the more you open the door and expose the food to room temperature, the faster your food will warm up and spoil.

Conserve Your Water

Lack of water can cause serious problems for you and your family. Some homeowners keep a supply of bottled water in their homes, while others will need to make use of what they have.

If you have a bathtub, fill it with water, and consider filling your sinks and any other container you can with water in case the outage lasts for an extended period. Water supplies can run out, so prior to an outage, it is important to keep a supply of water on hand.

Preparing Food

To eat during a power outage, you can utilize your canned and non-refrigerated foods. If necessary, you may able to cook some proteins with a campfire stove or a gas stove by lighting it with a match. It is crucial to be careful since you will be working with very little light. If possible, utilize foods that do not require cooking.

Take Time to Get Out of the House

If other parts of town have power in your area, take the chance to grab a hot meal or enjoy the air conditioning in the mall or movie theater. There are plenty of fun ways to wait out a power outage rather than sitting in the dark at home.

Call a Professional Electrician

For major power outages, it is important that you don’t try to fix the outage beyond the tips the Peters Electric team has provided. All electrical work should be completed by an experienced professional to save you from damaging your home or becoming injured while trying to fix it yourself.

If you need assistance repairing your power outage, contact Peters Electric to get the job done!

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