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​Upgrading Your Central Vacuum Cleaner


Central vacuum systems are steadily becoming more commonplace, replacing traditional vacuum cleaners which can be bulky, noisy, and often underperform. Central vacuum systems have risen in popularity due to their reputation for performance and convenience, things that conventional vacuum cleaners cannot offer. While central vacuum systems are made to last, the parts and attachments that accompany them need an upgrade from time to time, whether from wear and tear, or upgrading to the latest accessories. If your central vacuum system is of an older generation, upgrading your equipment can provide you with additional options that have advanced with modern technology. Below are a few reasons, and key benefits, of upgrading your attachments to your central vacuum system.

  • Long-term savings - Although you will have to make the initial investment in new attachments, your money will soon prove to be well spent, as the newer attachments are unquestionable more efficient than older equipment. With equipment and accessories that are damaged or weak from years of use, your central vacuum system will not be operating at peak performance. Upgrading your equipment ensures that you will save more money in the long run.
  • Increased durability - Today’s parts and accessories made specifically for central vacuum cleaning systems take into account new technology, and manufacturing standards are always increasing. Not only will upgrading your equipment save your money, it will provide you with the latest accessories geared toward convenience, that are built to last.
  • The latest features - As stated above, advances in technology mean newer parts and accessories offer new and innovating ways to make an undesirable chore easier and more convenient. From brushes to lighting, central vacuum system parts and accessories are always evolving to meet the needs of today’s busy consumers.
  • Health benefits - Many articles and studies have cited numerous health benefits of the power of central vacuum systems, particularly in homes with allergies. Updating your equipment means that you are maintaining the power of your system, rather than using dated equipment that may not be performing up to speed.
  • Peters Electric is proud to offerNutone Central Vacuum Systems, an innovative product from one of the leading manufacturers in the industry. From power units to hoses, tools, and accessories, Peters Electric has what you need to equip and maintain a central vacuum cleaning system that you can reap the benefits from, from a trusted company. 

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