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Things to Know when Considering An Internal Vacuum


If your vacuum cleaner has seen better days, one option you should be considering is a central vacuum system. While a central vacuum system may not be an option for every household, they have a number of features and benefits that make them a huge help to a necessary household chore.

Many homeowners are uninformed as to what exactly a central vacuum system is. In fact, they are a convenient method of vacuuming every room in the home that is more powerful and much quieter than traditional vacuum cleaners. Before you decide its time to purchase a new vacuum cleaner, here are a few things to consider about central vacuum systems.

What exactly is a Central Vacuum Cleaning System?

A central vacuum system consists of a base power unit, collection unit, and inlets that are installed throughout the home in locations that are convenient. These inlets are connected to a tubing system, whose job is to move the dirt to the collection and power units. These units are typically installed in an area of the home such as the basement or garage, and the inlets are installed in accordance with the existing ductwork and system features.

The vacuuming is done with the hose, which is fitted with the appropriate cleaning accessory, and is attached to the inlet. The canister has the ability to lock in even the smallest of dust and dirt particles, preventing them from recirculating into the air. Because the power unit is not located in the living area of the home, it operates quietly.

How Is A Central Vacuum System Installed

There is an ongoing myth that central vacuum installation are more complex and time-consuming than they actually are. Central vacuum systems can actually be installed in any home, whether it is new construction or an existing home, and can be retrofitted without having to take down any walls.

Do Central Vacuums Have The Power Needed To Properly Clean?

Cleaning power is the key benefit of a central vacuum system. Central vacuum cleaners have up to five times the cleaning power of a traditional vacuum cleaner, capturing even the smallest of particles out of the air, and preventing them from reentering your home. It is easy to select the right size power unit for your particular home, as the power units are rated by square footage.

How Do I Get A Central Vacuum System?

Contact Peters Electric today, where our experienced professionals will help you select the right unit that meets your home, and the accessories that meet your needs. We feature NuTone Vacuum Systems, along with a variety of accessories to fit any lifestyle. 

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