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The Benefits of Spring Cleaning With A Nutone Central Vacuuming System

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Vacuuming is a chore that very few Pittsburgh families will say that they enjoy. While it is a necessary part of daily life, it is a noisy and inconvenient chore, dragging a portable vacuum from one room to another.

Portable vacuums have evolved over the years to offer a number of features, depending on the make and model. The problem with these features is that they can be quite costly. In days past, when your vacuum cleaner stopped working, you took it to the local repair shop. Not these days - with the rate manufacturers are turning out new models, it is no longer cost effective, which means, should your vacuum cleaner stop working, you are stuck buying a new one.

Having a central vacuum system alleviates all of the back-and-forth, as well as the continuous expense and hassle, but many consumers have hesitated to take advantage of them, perhaps because of misconceptions of how they work. Because there is a great deal of money in the portable vacuum cleaner industry, central vacuum systems are not heavily promoted, leaving many consumers unaware of their many benefits..

Installing a central vacuum system in your home does not require any major renovation - the only hole that is required to operate it is covered with an inlet backing plate, with the pipes usually fed through an attic, basement or crawl space. This powerful method of vacuuming simplifies an otherwise tiring chore, while providing your entire living space with clean indoor air.

At Peter’s Electric, we are proud to offer one of the leading manufacturers in the industry, with Nutone Central Vacuum Systems, parts, and accessories. Peter’s Electric is recognized leader in the electrical industry, with over 40 years experience and a solid foundation of honesty and integrity. If you are looking for parts for your current Nutone Central Vacuum System or are considering adding one to your home, contact the experts at Peter’s Electric today!

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