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Should I Buy a Central Vacuum System?


Giving your Pittsburgh home the quietest clean.

Tired of lugging around your old vacuum? Up the stairs, room to room, there is nothing is more cumbersome than dragging around a traditional upright vacuum. And with many averaging 25 pounds each, vacuuming is no small feat for older individuals or those with back problems. Maybe it’s time to consider asking your electrician about a central vacuum system. Never heard of one? Let your neighborhood electrician, Peter’s Electric located in Bethel Park, PA in on a little secret about the quietest clean in the ‘Burgh!

What is a central vacuum system?

central vacuum system is a simple concept. PVC tubing is placed along the interior of your walls, usually a straight shot from top to bottom. On each floor, the pipe will connect to an inlet, which is much like an outlet for a light. A hose, some reaching up to 30 feet, can connect to each inlet allowing you to simply move from floor to floor with the ease of simply disconnecting and reconnecting a hose.

Are they noisy? 

No! Unlike your standard upright that can totally raise the noise level in your house, most central vacuum motors are housed outside of the home. The most noise you’ll hear is the “whooshing” sound produced by the suctioning air at the head of the vacuum.

Where does all of the dirt go?
Another bonus are the fine dust particles that normally escape your upright vacuum won’t get released back into the air with a central vacuum system. This is perfect for people bothered by airborne allergens. Not to mention the canisters are outside and they’ll only need emptied once or twice a year!

Can you install in my current home?

Yes! The best part about central vacuum system installation is that it can be retrofitted to your exiting one or two-story home. As long as we can find access via your attic, basement, laundry chute, crawlspace, or areas behind closets and cabinets, we can create a route for the PVC vacuum piping.

If you’re in the process of building a new home – even better! One of our dedicated electricians can easily work with your builder on installing a central vacuum system within your framing.

Central vacuum systems are ideal for homes and businesses looking to take the work out vacuuming! We offer an array of accessories like power and air-driven brushes for an even cleaner clean. Peters Electric is your dependable neighborhood electrician. Call us at 412-854-5800! 

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