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NuTone Vacuum Systems: The Ultimate Cleaning Tool For ANY Home


Despite the numerous benefits that NuTone Central Vacuum Systems provide over traditional upright cleaning systems, a few misconceptions prevent homeowners from having these valuable tools installed in their homes.

For starters, there is the perception that NuTone Central Vacuum Systems can only be installed when building a new home - this is simply not true. NuTone Central Vacuum systems can be safely installed in ANY home at ANY time. Another misconception is that Central Vacuum Systems are too expensive. Yes, there is an initial cost, like any upgrade to your home, but one that is well worth it. When you take into account the value that a NuTone Central Vacuum System adds to your home, and subtract the cost of maintaining and replacing upright vacuum cleaners over the course of several years, you will find that owning a Central Vacuum System is less than you think.

Perfect For Older Homes

Pittsburgh is renowned for its older homes, many with unique and quaint architecture, however, cleaning the rooms in some of these homes can prove to be a challenge. Small rooms and narrow hallways, as well as some of the older staircases can prove to be a challenge when it comes to lugging cleaning equipment. Central Vacuum Systems are ideal for the distinguishing characteristics of some of Pittsburgh’s older homes.

NuTone’s Central Vacuum Cleaning Systems are not simply a method of cleaning your home, they are an investment in your home and in your health. Regardless of the size of your house or its age, NuTone Central Vacuum Systems will not only outperform the traditional upright vacuum cleaner models in terms of power, they will outlast them. In terms of resale value, the clinical benefits of allergy relief in homes with Central Vacuum Systems is a valuable selling tool.

Peters Electric is one of the few suppliers in and around the Pittsburgh area of NuTone parts and accessories. Whether you are looking to have a new system installed or are simply looking for parts or accessories for your current NuTone system, you will have the quality and service that you need with the trusted experts at Peters Electric. 

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