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NuTone Intercom Systems

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Peters Electric has the perfect Nu Tone product to bring both entertainment and security into your home. Home Intercom System installations from our knowledgeable team both affordably and conveniently connect all of the residents and guests within your space. From ample security, to additional entertainment and communications, Nu Tone intercom systems provide safety, entertainment and synchronized convenience to any home. And with a variance of colors and décor styles, you can easily find a match for your own style in your home. Nu Tone designs intercom systems will not only fit your lifestyle, they will make it more convenient too.

- Remote Intercom Stations

With a Remote Intercom Station you’ll be able to answer your door and safely screen visitors before they enter, no matter where you are in the home, and easily communicate from room-to-room as well. Remote stations can also fill your home with audio enjoyment for any occasion, whether entertaining inside or out. Nu Tone Intercom Remote stations feature volume control, audio source selections and room and door talk/listen options.

Nu Tone Remote Intercom Stations allow you to not only communicate from room-to-room and with those at your door, but these stations also offer accessories to remotely unlock your doors. Theses remote station additions feature volume control, audio source selections and room and door talk/listen options. Combined with a Master Intercom Station, your home will be the most secure, convenient and entertaining house on the block.

-Master Intercom Stations

With monitoring and locking capabilities, as well as notification and entertainment features, the Nu Tone Master Intercom Station gives you complete control of the audio entertainment and security of your home. This type of intercom installation offers fabulous features from listening to music or that big game from anywhere in our outside of the house, to locking, securing, and notifying you of the safety status of your home too. Relieve a bit of stress and give your home whole-house communication and enjoyment by effortless monitoring, locking and notifying with Nu Tone Master Intercom system and remote system additions.

All residents should feel that their homes are safe and secure, all of the time. Whether you are inside or outside of your home, down the street or across the globe, your home should always remain a place of ease and peace of mind. With intercom installation services from us at Peters Electric, we can give you this security, as well as entertainment features, with reliable Nu Tone intercom system technologies. Contact us today for more information on Nu Tone intercom systems and visit our blog anytime to keep up-to-date on the latest news and tips from us at Peters Electric!

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