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Is it Time to Replace Your Intercom System?

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NuTone intercom systems and other NuTone products are convenient and effect features to have installed where you need room-to-room communications, music and more. Yet when your intercom system eventually starts to malfunction, purchasing NuTone repair parts may not be enough. And all of your equipment will eventually need replaced and upgraded. Peters Electric has all of the NuTone products that you will need to re-install your new NuTone intercom system. But how do you know when it is time to replace your intercom system? Here are a few functions (or rather malfunctions) to look for when determining if your intercom system needs replaced.

Intercom System

What Quality of Sound is Emanating from Your Intercom Speakers?

Has the sound relay coming from your intercom speaker system been unclear or statically lately? If so, the workability of your intercom system speakers may be starting to fade. When something like the sound of your speakers starts to go, it is a sign that other parts of the system may not be too far behind. And with some intercom systems it is not possible to only replace certain parts. With some systems—especially with older intercoms—the entire system will need to be replaced once it starts to show signs of malfunction.

Check the Primary Station’s Functionality

The working order of your primary station will affect the functionality of each intercom in your space. If your mainline intercom station—where all of the other intercoms are connected—is malfunctioning, the other intercoms may also not be working properly. Frequent checks of your mainline and other surrounding intercom stations will help you to recognize any possible system errors.

Does Your Intercom System Simply Need General Upgrading?

What era is your NuTone intercom system originally from? If your intercom system is not of a recent model it probably needs replaced. Every intercom system has only a finite time for working properly. After heavy use and plain old age, intercom system functionality starts to wear out and needs an upgrade. Check how distant your intercom system’s model is from other newer models currently in use. If there are a few newer intercom models ahead of your current system, your intercom system should be probably be upgraded.

Whether due to recent malfunctions or an outdated standing, your intercom system should be replaced. And Peters Electric can help. With various NuTone products and intercom systems, Peters Electric will get the intercom system in your space back into working order.

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