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​How Do I Fix a Loose Electrical Outlet?


Loose electrical outlets are not only bothersome, they can also be very dangerous. That’s why if you notice a loose outlet, you should address it immediately or call the professionals at Peters Electric for assistance. Fixing a loose outlet is typically a fairly easy process. Within a few minutes you can secure the plug and outlet cover while ensuring that the outlet is safe for use.

How to Fix a Loose Outlet

  1. Before you do anything, be sure to turn off the power to the outlet you’re working on. The safest way to avoid electrical shock is to test the outlet with a voltage tester after you’ve turned off power.
  2. Unscrew and remove the faceplate. Once it is removed, try to wiggle the plug to see if it is secure or loose. If it is secure, you simply need to re-attach the faceplate and screw it on tightly to prevent movement. If the plug moves as well, test the screws that anchor the plug into the electrical box. If they are not secure, tighten them. If they are secure, but the plug still moves back and forth or side to side, you will need to add electrical shims behind the plug screws in order to provide extra support and stabilization for the plug. Always look for frayed wires or signs of arcing, such as plugs that are hot or black marks on the plug or surrounding area.
  3. Replace and tighten all screws on the plug and faceplace before turning the power back on.

The Dangers of a Loose Outlet

Though you may not think it’s a huge issue, loose outlets can be hazardous. As a plug gets moved around over and over with use, the wires that hold it can come loose or become frayed. This creates the possibility of arcing, which can cause electrical shock or even a fire. If you’re uncomfortable about attempting to fix a loose outlet, call Pittsburgh’s best electricians, Peters Electric. We’ll be happy to help secure your outlets, inspect your home’s outlets for safety and proper function, and remedy any electrical problem you encounter. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

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