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How Central Vacuum Systems Clean Up

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Carrying a heavy, often bulky vacuum cleaner from room to room has to be one of the most dreaded household chores since the vacuum cleaner was invented. Fortunately, innovation and technology have provided us with an alternative - the central vacuum cleaning system.

Central vacuum systems are an ideal way to take the sting out for those who despise the chore. Central vacuums remove dust and debris via tubes in the walls of the home and into a receptacle located in an out-of-the-way spot, such as a basement. The main component of the system, called the power unit, is a permanent fixture that does not need to be carried around to get the job done - all that is needed is a hose and power brush unit.

Central vacuum systems work by having specific “inlets” that are placed around the home in specific locations that are convenient for vacuuming the room. The hose is simply attached to each inlet as the room is being vacuumed, and can be moved from room to room via the inlet installed there as needed.

One key myth regarding central vacuum systems is their appearance. The inlets themselves are small and are no more conspicuous than an electrical outlet. There are even colored inlet valves for those looking for a bit more style. The central power unit is generally installed in an inconspicuous location, such as a garage or basement, where it will remain. The tubing that is connected to the power unit can be run through cold air returns, and is located behind the walls. In other words, with the exception of the hose and brush unit that is used for the actual cleaning, a central vacuum system does not infringe upon the beauty of a home, but in fact is a tool to make cleaning more convenient and easier.

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