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Are You Considering Replacing Your NuTone Intercom System?

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Intercom systems add great value to your property. They allow homeowners to pipe music throughout the house, monitor young children in various rooms, and communicate with the rest of the family without having to yell. Intercom systems also can also enhance your home’s security by enabling you to screen visitors or answer your door regardless of where you are in your house.

Like any equipment in an older home, it is possible that your NuTone intercom system has stopped working properly, or it may not suit your current needs. Unfortunately, NuTone no longer manufactures replacement parts for older models and the newer systems are not backwards compatible. If you have one station in your home that is not functioning properly, a newer system cannot be integrated with your master station (unless your service provider happens to have older inventory on hand, so you should always check before you purchase new.)

This means that if you would like to fix or upgrade your system, you will need to replace all the equipment located throughout your home, including the rough-in box and housing of your master station.

That being said, the most costly portion of home intercom systems is the wiring run throughout the walls. NuTone offers several “retrofit”options that are compatible with the wiring in your home, whether it is three, four, six or eight wires. To determine the wiring for your system, simply carefully remove a room station from a wall, and count the wires attached. This will allow you to determine what type of system you can now purchase from a reputable provider, such as Peter’s Electric.

Additionally, although the new systems are smaller, NuTone is providing several retrofit mountings to reduce the need to cut or replace drywall. That being said, if your old system’s main unit has a CD player, you will need to get a similar unit due to sizing. There are new features that allow you to hook up portable music players to your intercom units, so if interested, just ask!

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