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What is a Central Vacuum System?

As spring enters full bloom, allergens of the season start to blossom as well. This means your home will begin to fill with seasonal dust, dirt and pollen which will all greatly inhibit good air quality in your home. A safe and effective way to rid of these airborne particles is with the use of [...]

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Is it Time to Replace Your Intercom System?

NuTone intercom systems and other NuTone products are convenient and effect features to have installed where you need room-to-room communications, music and more. Yet when your intercom system eventually starts to malfunction, purchasing NuTone repair parts may not be enough. And all of your equipment will eventually need replaced and upgraded. Peters Electric has all [...]

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You Don’t Want to Neglect Your Heating System

When winter comes—and we all know it’s here—a heating system gone bad is one of the last situations that you want to find yourself in. A heating system that is not maintained can be an inconvenient, dangerous hassle. If your heating system is not at least occasionally cleaned and inspected, it can lead to issues [...]

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Benefits to Outdoor Intercoms

Intercoms have been used for years to help keep people connected throughout a home. It eliminates the need to yell and can help monitor small children or a sick family member without being in the same room. It is also a wise decision to put intercoms on the outside of your home for a wide variety of reasons. An intercom, such [...]

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Are You Considering Replacing Your NuTone Intercom System?

Intercom systems add great value to your property. They allow homeowners to pipe music throughout the house, monitor young children in various rooms, and communicate with the rest of the family without having to yell. Intercom systems also can also enhance your home’s security by enabling you to screen visitors or answer your door regardless of where you are in [...]

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Why We Use NuTone® Products

With 40 years of experience providing electronics for residential climate, cleaning, and communications, we know a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t.We are a proud retailer of NuTone products simply because we think they are the best.NuTone products have been around since 1932. NuTone holds major market positions in door chimes, central vacuum systems, ironing centers, [...]

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