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How You Benefit From A Central Vacuum Cleaner

While upright vacuum cleaners are the standard “go-to” household cleaning appliance, many are unaware of the benefits of a central vacuum cleaning system, simply because they are unfamiliar with the product. In fact, a central vacuum cleaning system offers a number of benefits over an upright vacuum, a few of which are listed below.Better motors [...]

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The Benefits of Spring Cleaning With A Nutone Central Vacuuming System

Vacuuming is a chore that very few Pittsburgh families will say that they enjoy. While it is a necessary part of daily life, it is a noisy and inconvenient chore, dragging a portable vacuum from one room to another.Portable vacuums have evolved over the years to offer a number of features, depending on the make [...]

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Do You Need to Replace Your Intercom System

If you have an old intercom system in your home that needs replacing, as in a NuTone or even an M&S system, then you will notice that upgrading to a newer system will bring you many benefits. The newer NuTone intercom systems have many advanced features that the older ones lack.If you are looking to [...]

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What are the uses for Intercom Systems?

We live in an ever-changing world, and bigger houses and larger business premises are just some of the recent trends that have become more popular. One of the biggest problems with larger homes is that you often find yourself too far away from the door to hear it, and if you have a doorbell, then [...]

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NuTone Ceiling Fan

This is an American company that manufactures products primarily for residential utilization and some of their products includes range hoods, doorbells, ventilation systems, ceiling fans, intercom systems, indoor air quality products, ironing equipment, and home theater systems.NuTone Company was established in 1936 by J. Ralph Corbett in Cincinnati, Ohio. He supported an inventor from Dayton, Ohio [...]

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What to Know About Nutone Bathroom Fans

The bathroom is considered as a standout amongst the most vital room in a house and house occupant is giving its most extreme significance like some other room in the house. Prior, individuals used to give careful consideration to their parlors, rooms and so on. In any case, these days, we see house occupant everywhere [...]

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Replacing an Intercom System

Replacing your Nu Tone intercom system is about more than just upgrading your master station model. From additional station components and Nu Tone replacement parts, to system wiring, many aspects must be taken care of for proper functioning of the system. At Peters Electric, we have everything you need to make your home intercom system run at its best, for [...]

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NuTone Bathroom Fan Replacement Parts

Is the fan or overall ventilation of your bathroom not running as effective as it could be? If your NuTone QT 110 or other discontinued model bathroom fan is running less efficient, causing excess noise pollution, or acting up in some other aspect, you may need a NuTone replacement part. At Peters Electric, we have all of the quality, reliable [...]

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Order Replacement Parts for Your Nu Tone System

Nu Tone intercom systems offer reliable products with a long-held use reputation. Yet, even the best needs a tune up once in a while. At Peters Electric, we have all the Nu Tone replacement parts that you need to repair aged systems, such as the common 1908’s IMA 3300 and the IMA 4406. Though these [...]

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PurePower Series Vacuum System

Central vacuum systems are essential to every space in order to keep the home’s environment clean and the indoor air breathable. The NuTone Pure Power central vacuum series offers the quietest, most powerful clean. And with three reliable models in the line, you are sure to find the one most fit for you and your [...]

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